An apple a day keeps the doctor away

You have heard this saying many times before. Although we all know it to be true, few of us actually follow this advice. Research suggests that apples may reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer. They contain fiber, vitamins, phytochemicals as well as several other antioxidant compounds that help with heart disease, weight loss and controlling cholesterol. However, apart from the proven health benefits that apple consumption offers, there are even greater psychological benefits of eating an apple every single day. When you eat an apple you do the first step towards raising your food IQ.

An apple is all you need in order to begin. An apple cannot save you on its own, but it is enough to get you moving in the right direction. If, for instance, you believe that eating an apple after 6 pieces of chocolate cake, will keep the doctor away, then you’re sadly mistaken. Though it’s worth noting that perhaps had it not been for that apple, you may perhaps have reached for a 7th slice of cake. In this case and in many, even one single apple can make the difference. The point here is to note that it is not advised to make radical changes. The key to a long term change is to improve little at a time, on a daily basis. Start by simply eating an apple instead of a piece of cake, and you’ll find that you have already made a huge first step towards nutritional wisdom.

The apple is a symbol. For me, it is the symbol of love. It’s even shaped like a heart. It symbolizes everything good you can do for your self. Eating an apple everyday and following a healthy lifestyle, is a way that I demonstrate my love for myself every single day. This form of daily self respect and nurturing, eating an apple a day makes you a better person, raises your self esteem and improves your way of looking towards life.

Bored of apples? Some people find it difficult to consume their daily apple because they get bored from the lack of variety. When you’re tired of eating the apple on its own, plain, and simple, here are some ways to get creative with your apple consumption:
• Eat it with some walnuts, hazelnuts, or other nuts of your choice.
• Sprinkle it with cinnamon and have it on its own.
• Layer thin apple slices on your bread for breakfast.
• Grate an apple in your plain yogurt.
• Add chunks of green apples in your salad or try a “Waldorf” salad.
• Enjoy a fruit salad with apples and seasonal fruits.
• Drink a glass of apple juice or make an apple & banana smoothie.
• Enjoy some applesauce with your pork, chicken or your veggies.
• Have a baked apple for dessert or a piece of apple pie for breakfast.
Remember that there are books, and resources you can find online that are packed with apple recipes. You can check out my recent book
“Milosophy” that is full of apple recipes! If you are an apple lover, this book will amaze you.

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