FT Bletsas is an author, musician, entertainer and presenter from Greece. He is also an active YouTuber and blogger. FT runs his own production company that mainly produces Food, Cooking and Travel programs for Greek TV Networks and YouTube. He loves travelling and have been to 23 countries and 5 continents. He has written several books and been content provider for several magazines and online publications in Greece.

As a committed life-long learner, FT has been attending seminars, taking courses, reading books and being mentored by great teachers and experts in many areas including Food, Health, Nutrition, Personal Development, Life Coaching and Internet Marketing.

In terms of formal education, he is a Computer Engineer and Software Developer. He has a Bachelor 1st class honours degree from Essex University and an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College of London awarded with distinction.

He is also a musician, composer, songwriter. Forever trying to bridge his culinary and musical interests, FT devised the idea of the foodmusic show, a truly unique tasty live event that combines food, music and education.

He has a great love for Mediterranean cuisine and passion in promoting real food, wise nutrition and healthy eating habits. He has been also working closely with the Ministry of Education as special partner for the Health Education Program. He visits schools and children’s camps promoting healthy eating and fundamentals of wise nutrition through a empowering, entertaining and inspirational way!

He has been the host of a popular and entertaining food & travel show on Alpha TV, one of the major Greek channels broadcasting across Greece, as well as Cyprus and around the globe through satellite and cable television networks.

One of his latest project is a daily Cooking Show aired on ETV, a nationwide TV Network in Greece. Some of the episodes are travel documentaries around Greece or abroad.

Specialties:TV Show host, Mediterranean cuisine, healthy eating, Greek food, live cooking, guitar and singing, foodmusic producer. Food, Music, Media, Entertainment, Travel, Food Travel, TV cooking, travel shows, television host and TV chef, Greek, Mediterranean, Healthy Cooking, Nutrition



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