Live Events

Live Events
FT Bletsas inspires people to gain control of their eating habits, improve their health and energy levels.

FT’s signature topics, live events and presentations include:

+ Food IQ: A Presentation that Elevates your Nutritional Intelligence and helps you lose weight and improve your health.

+ Greek Mediterranean Diet: Presenation and Cooking demonstration of healthy Mediterranean recipes.

+ Cooking Economy: Seminar and Cooking Class about eating well on a budget

+ Foodmusic Show: Fun and educating cooking show with live music.

+ Foodmusic Show for kids: An entertaining live presentation for kids that teaches them the principles of wise nutrition and healthy living habits.

+ Abundant Energy: Increasing creativity and productivity through proper diet, rest and exercise.

+ Cook on TV: A Presentation designed to help people who want to improve their TV presentation skills.

+ Cooking class for adults and kids. Various topics.

+ Gastronomic tours in Thessaloniki and other places in Greece.

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