My Food Philosophy

Socrates once said, “The unexplored life is not worth living.” Well, that’s been my motto not only about life but about what sustains our life…food and nutrition. I must admit that I wasn’t born with the insights of food nutiriton as I now foster. In fact, like most of you, I too have experienced the insightful journey towards self awareness and eventually learned to listen to the signs of what our bodies whisper to us in terms of what works and what doesn’t or helps us differentiate what it requires for nourishment and what it resists and counteracts to protect our health. It has been my keen passion to understand not only how our body functions but to also discover the joys of food while we maximize it to benefit and enhance our physical and mental well being. So you could say that my goal has been to explore the world of cuisine, as I strongly believe that without this practice, eating anything…would mean exactly that…simply engaging in the process of the act rather than entertaining our palate as well as satisfying our soul.

I feel blessed because aligned with my passion to explore foods as well as my commitment to live a natural lifestyle, I happen to live in Greece, one of the culinary mecca’s of the world. Having been born on the coast of the Mediterranean, I was lucky to have a mum who inspired me to honor authentic ingredients, taught me the application of classic Mediterranean flavors, helped me respect home made foods and appreciate the art of dining amongst family and friends, all of which in my home equalled to celebrating life.
Through extensive travels, research and countless interviews with professional chefs and restaurateurs, I have compiled considerable knowledge about food and as it relates to nutrition and the art of dining pleasure. I am here to share with you all that I’ve learned because I believe that the key is in educating ourselves and others.
I agree with Socrates’ reference about ignorance being the root of all evil because for most of us it is this lack of knowledge about the interconnection between food and nutrition that’s acting as the primary barrier to a long and healthy life for many. The more we
know, the better we can take control of our life, our health and our happiness.

To me, food, life and celebration of living are in direct connection with each other. My intimate exposure to the Mediterranean cuisine has only encouraged me gain deeper insight and higher appreciation for the benefits of the foods that are simple, real and fresh.

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